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AutoCount E-Invoicing

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The Malaysian Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) will be implementing mandatory e-Invoicing gradually for all business taxpayers, beginning with the initial phase on August 1, 2024.

The AutoCount e-Invoice Solution, known as the AutoCount e-Invoice Platform (AIP), has been crafted to streamline your e-Invoicing procedures with LHDN. It aims to increase efficiency, improve precision, and guarantee complete adherence to LHDN guidelines—all through a centralized platform.

E-Invoicing Introduction

An e-Invoice serves as a digital confirmation of a transaction between a seller and a buyer, superseding conventional paper or electronic documents.

With the AutoCount e-Invoice Solution, businesses can produce, submit, handle, and obtain e-Invoices from LHDN MyInvois in the officially sanctioned XML or JSON format. This solution enhances efficiency by streamlining the entire process.

What makes AutoCount e-Invoicing the preferred choice?

Seamless Integration and LHDN Compliant

Achieve seamless integration and compliance with LHDN standards by linking AutoCount software with the LHDN MyInvois system. This integration enhances operational efficiency, accuracy, and ensures full adherence to the latest LHDN regulations.

Streamlined Processes, Swift Operations, and Efficient Outcomes

Simplify the gathering of customer data, including TIN numbers and company information, either through a single click or a swift QR code scan. Utilize the retry mechanism within the AutoCount e-Invoice Platform to automatically resend invoices if the LHDN MyInvois System encounters downtime. This feature minimizes manual intervention, ensuring speedy and efficient operations.

Ensure Precision and Data Security

Assign an approver to oversee your team’s e-Invoice generation and submission procedures, guaranteeing the accuracy and integrity of data before it is directly transmitted to the LHDN MyInvois System. This measure substantially alleviates concerns regarding errors.

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