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AutoCount 2.0

Empowering Your Business with Next-Gen of Accounting Software

With its advanced technology such as Microsoft .Net Framework, SQL Server 2005, and internet ready, AutoCount Accounting stands out as one of the best accounting software for today’s business requirements. Characterized by its easy-to-learn and integrated features, AutoCount Accounting helps to streamline your business operation. It provides strong and stable database for every type of business and is able to perform all types of account transactions, no matter how complex they are.

AutoCount Accounting is a powerful business application tool that enables you to manage your business data, to analyze your business performance, to share your business information, and to help you make informed business decisions.

New Tile-View Interface

The enhanced version of AutoCount Accounting V2 includes lots of new features and enhancements to make your experience better than ever.

You can now customize your home screen and dashboard to fit your daily requirement, you can group, hide, rearrange or even resize the tile icon as you wish. This allows you to view your animated data update in real time.

One Item, Multiple Pricing

Maintain up to 6 selling price for each item and by Debtor’s Level. By entering standard cost and desired mark ups, the system will auto-calculate and update the new selling price and profit margin for you.

Personalized Layout

Customize the document layout according to your preference or to suit your company’s needs. Save and share your frequently used layout template amongst your team mate to save time and Minimize repetitive tasks.

Total Integration & Scalable

Integrates easily with AutoCount suite of software and other business application programs. You can Upgrade the software anytime when your business grows and expand without the worry of data lost.

Smart & Quick Searching

Intelligent search function allows you to conduct searches in multiple columns simultaneously. Our Search engine is flexible and capable of handling various searching patterns.

Documents Flow Management

Have a bird’s eye view of your entire documents flow at a glance. Easy to track and identify the inter-related documents in one single view and zoom in for details.

Financial Report Writer

New layout editor allows you to customize nearly any aspect of a financial report. Comes with report conversion capability to turn data into visually appealing charts and pivot table or export to excel file for further analysis.

Redesigned Interface with KISS Method

Our Keep-it Simple-System ( KISS ) displays all key information in live tiles and dashboard styles. The symbolic icons and buttons make data entry easier.

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