Autocount Cloud Accounting Review

Autocount Cloud Accounting is an online accounting software by allowing you to login and perform accounting transactions. It is a useful online platform by storing all of your accounting transactions is a secure and reliable cloud server. The way of storing your data in cloud is secured and protected. Unlike local accounting, your documentation required filing and documented, online cloud accounting will transform to paperless e documentation, the auto arrange function, arranged you file neat and nice.

Aside from cloud features and function, Autocount Cloud Accounting provide several highlighted features itself, listed out by the following:

  1. New Autocount Accounting Dashboard that sync real time data

New Autocount Cloud Accounting provide a brand new dashboard by allowing you to glance out most of the info in one glance. The summarize real time info is synchronize to your real time and actual data to your production. Aside from displaying, al of the chart support drill down details viewing, which means that you are able to click on the chart data and it will display the details info, for example sales amount, after you click for drill down info, it will list out all the sales invoice, bank amount or even customer. However, user is able to customize their own dashboard panel. You may select which of the info that most presentable and suitable for you and included it in your cloud accounting dashboard.

2. Product Management, define the old way of product creation

Autocount Cloud Accounting offer the brand new product management by allowing 2 levels of product variant, this features allow you to cross adding product type, for example a shirt product consists of size S, M and L. With the effectiveness of product management, you are able to create the shirt type with a single transaction, instead of previous way, adding the product one by one.

3. Simplified Accounting, not just accounting

Autocount cloud Accounting provide new user and accounting friendly function and features that allow clerk and assistant, is capable to perform accounting books, their simplified the accounting process and accounting terms. Moreover, the customizable report in Autocount Cloud Accounting is the most attractive functions, as it is able to generate vary of the presentable reports during the end of your company fiscal year.

FREE Usage Autocount Cloud Accounting

Currently, Autocount Cloud Accounting is having free registration period, it ends until the end of 31 July 2021, it is not too late from now!! Register here!

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