Autocount Accounting Product Update

Here is the update announcement for Autocount Accounting Product (v1.9 & v2.0), mainly features in

  1. Mid-Year v2 Upgrade Promotion
  2. Price Revision for Add=on Users (v1.9 & v2.0)
  3. Cloud Payroll Express Trade-in Promotion
  4. OneSales Subscription Portal & OneSales Promotion

1. Mid-Year v2 Upgrade Promotion

For Autocount User who still using v.19, it is time for you to upgrade your version to 2.0 now! Effective from 16th July, the upgrade discount for v1.9 to 2.0 increased from previously 45% to 55%.

The Discount is included with Autocount Edition, Network User, Module and Plugins as well.

2. Price Revision for add-on User (v1.9 & v2.0)

The Pricing for Autocount Accounting add-on user will be rising with the beginning of 16th September.

Please contact us for further information and details on new pricing for Autocount Accounting Add-on User.

3. Cloud Payroll Express Trade-in Promotion

Trading period begin on 1st July and end in 31st August.

For those users who trade in any on-prime payroll software or cloud payroll software, will entitle 1-year subscription discounted price on their Cloud Payroll Express Plan.

Contact us to get promo code for Cloud Payroll Express trade in Promotion.

4. OneSales Subscription Portal & OneSales Promotion

OneSales Subscription Portal Billing Starting from 17th July to 30th September (for OneSales POS & OneSales MarketPlace).

There will be divided into two categories which are:

  • 1st 3 months 90% discount
  • Buy 1 Year Free 4 Months promotion

Contact us to learn more about this promotion!

Do you want to learn more details about the above Autocount Product updates? Do contact our expert so that we can consult you through fully.

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