Autocount Accounting – How to Add new Fiscal Year

Autocount Accounting is an accounting software come with rich accounting features. It is a high quality of accounting software popularity among all Malaysia SMEs.

For the user of Autocount Accounting, during the end of accounting book, do you know how to manage another new Fiscal Year to your current company account book?

How to add new Fiscal Year in Autocount Accounting?

There are 5 simple steps to create a new Fiscal Year in Autocount Accounting v2, which are:

Step 1: Open up Manage Fiscal Year

After login to Autocount Accounting, you may reach out “Tools” and select “Manage Fiscal Year”. It will pop out a new window for manage fiscal year.

Step 2: Select latest Fiscal Year

In the manage fiscal year panel, select the latest fiscal year among all the fiscal year (compare to the year of each fiscal year period).

Step 3: Add New Fiscal Year

Once you had successfully select the latest fiscal year, then click “New Next Fiscal Year” button from the right panel. It will pop out a new window.

Step 4: Select new Fiscal Year Date

After the new pop out window, select the correct start date (usually default date continued with the last selected fiscal year period) and end date (end of fiscal year period). If both of the start date and end date is corrected, then click “ok” to continue.

Step 5: Check out for new Fiscal Year

After completed step 4, the system will take you back to fiscal year panel window, then you should be able to see a new Fiscal Year added with the start date and end date selected in step 4. A new Fiscal Year had been created successfully.

Check out the whole create Fiscal Year Period with our video here:

Still lost your way during create a new fiscal year period in Autocount Accounting? Contact us now!

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