Autocount Accounting 2.0 New Features Highlights

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What is Auto Count Accounting 2.0 Version? 

Auto Count Accounting is an upgraded version from Auto Count Accounting 1.9 Version. Auto Count Accounting is a powerful business application tool that enables you to manage your business data, to analyse your business performance, to share your business information, and to help you make informed business decisions.

Why is Auto Count Accounting 2.0 Version? 

In Auto Count Accounting 2.0 Version, we have more NEW and ENHANCED features are included in this fantastic upgrade. We want to give users an easier and convenient experience in the cumbersome work. 

What are the new features in Auto Count Accounting 2.0 Version:

Autocount Accounting v2.0 Features Video
Autocount Accounting 2.0 New Features Update Video

New Standard Features

-Interface & Shortcuts

-Smart Search Lookup

-Document Flow

-Document Template

-Stock Take

-Purchase Request

-Reminder on Database Size

New Advanced Features

-Access Rights


-Alternative Item Code


-Document Transfer

-Deposit Entry

Enhanced Existing Features

-Advanced Item

-Recurring Transactions

-Stock Disassembly

-Customizable Entry Forms


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